Chapter E

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Chapter E is the fifth and final chapter of Will You Snail?. It is the final chapter, mostly containing levels with lore. The levels also tend to be glitchy, with the blocks scattered in a manner unlike the previous chapters.


Chapter E is composed of 24 levels. Eight of these are Puzzle or Lore levels, seven are Danger Levels, and five are secret levels. E10 and E14 contain the Bartender and Bartholomew minibosses respectively. E17 and E18 consist of the two parts of the Squid bossfight.

Puzzle/Lore Levels


Secret Levels

Boss Levels


  • This chapter contains the final bossfights.
  • This chapter has the most boss levels out of any chapter.
    • This chapter is also the only chapter to have a boss fight split between two levels.
  • This chapter has the fewest amount of danger levels, with only seven levels being danger levels.


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