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Helpy is the boss for Chapter D in Will You Snail.


Helpy has a battery system where it loses battery when it moves, but is able to regain it by moving to the right wall of the level. If Helpy leaves this wall, it will stop regenerating charge. Helpy will move to where it predicts the ball will land, sending it back to Shelly's side. If Shelly stays within its line of sight for too long, it will perform one attack:

  • Laser: Helpy charges a laser aimed at Shelly with 100% accuracy when the player stands on the ledge separating the two sides for more then one second. After 3 seconds, the laser will fire, killing Shelly immediately. The laser will immediately fire if Shelly goes into Helpy's side.


Helpy can be killed if the ball lands on its side of the field. This can be done by making Helpy run out of battery or forcing the ball to a position that it cannot return the ball to Shelly.


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When its level is submerged, one / one / two / two Jellyfish will be on Shelly's side of the playing field, significantly limiting maneuverability, as one must both dodge the jellyfish and hit the ball back to Helpy. However, Helpy no longer has a charging station, making the fight significantly more manageable.


Helpy remains mostly the same underwater, though its movement may be affected by the water.[citation needed]


At the beginning of the fight, since the ball is in the middle, it can be jumped from above, causing Helpy to move more than once and decrease the length of the fight. Make sure not to jump too much when the ball is on the other side so the jellyfish don't block access to the ball.


  • There is an emote on the official Will You Snail Discord server of Helpy.


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Beat the boss of the fourth chapter.

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