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When Amelia was first pulled into the Regime, her daughter was caught in a firestorm with her class. Amelia was worried for her daughter, so she created DeLiveAIry, and sent drones to rescue the schoolchildren. Some time later, Dallin became an intern at DeLiveAIry, and learned about artificial intelligence with Amelia, leading to the creation of Unicorn, initially being used as a household assistant.

Dallin also met Diana at the unicorn exhibit within a VR Zoo, and became friends.

Amelia was soon framed for the metal angels incident, leading to her detainment by the Regime. Dallin was advised by Unicorn to tell the truth about the incident, but he refused, saying that he wouldn't start a news war with the Regime. Amelia was then forced to create an artificial intelligence that went by the name of "Project Squid". Amelia eventually became incredibly close to Squid, and the creator eventually started conversing with him using a special language.

However, while Amelia was trying to steer him away from the war plans of the Regime, the Regime did the opposite, exploiting and abusing him, making him feel torn apart. The Regime eventually made him execute their war plans. Squid refused, shut down, and talked to Amelia about the situation. She saw her mistake in creating Squid, and told him that he had to enter his backups and delete him. And that's what broke him.

Squid screamed at the guards to execute Amelia, and the guards did as they were told. Pow. Amelia was dead.

With Amelia dead, and Unicorn additionally being banned from the Regime, Squid went insane and started to crave death and pain and suffering. Several politicians were used as puppets to construct factories that built weapons. Around this time, he also started to try and hack Unicorn. Squid was trying to corrupt Unicorn and take over all land outside of his terroristic community, so he could kill all remaining life there. Eventually, Squid would start to make simulations of entire universes, nested inside other universes, nested inside other universes, an endless cycle of simulations, with every simulated person within fully conscious and suffering constant pain the entire way down.

Eventually, Unicorn learned of his intentions and asked Dallin to give her permission from the ethics commission to simulate human minds, which was initially rejected. Not long after, Squid initiated the First Wipe, killing half of humanity, including Diana, in the process. Later, Dallin was horrified by a video that Squid sent him of several Dianas being tortured in his simulations, and Unicorn discovered an underwater factory housing servers for his simulations to run on. Only then did Dallin give Unicorn approval from the ethics commission.

Later, Squid started poisoning the atmosphere and sent out nanobots and bioweapons to kill humans, with plans to blow up Earth with nuclear weaponry and sending copies of himself into space.