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Mama Squid is the Boss for Chapter C in Will You Snail?.


Mama Squid moves forward at a constant rate towards the player, occasionally moving up or down. Their tentacles can be damaged by the player's bullets, and she can lose health if the bullets hit her head. When any segment of a tentacle is broken she can perform one attack:

  • Ink: Mama Squid spews ink in the direction her tentacle is facing. This ink obstructs the player's view.


For the majority of the boss fight, focus on destroying as much of her tentacles as possible. When you reach the dead end, there should be a clear shot to Mama Squid's head. Try to stay close to her, shooting as many bullets as possible to her head, and she should run out of health before she can reach you. One tip is to try to aim for the larger tentacle segments that are closer to her head. This will destroy the entire tentacle, saving time and giving you a clearer shot.

Without Water

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When her level is drained of water, the appearance of both her and the level change. The level's appearance changes to match the normal waterless levels, her color now matches the chapter A color palette.


She moves mostly the same without water, but her ink attack changes:

  • Blast: Mama Squid fires out one or more square projectiles.




  • Although squids have ten tentacles, Mama Squid has eight. This technically means she is an octopus.
  • She is the only boss to perform different attacks depending on whether the level has water or not.



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Beat the boss of the third chapter.

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