Will You Snail? - Winter

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It's winter and the AI wants to celebrate Christmas and New Year's Eve. There will be presents and fireworks, but not for you...

Official Description

Will You Snail? - Winter is a demo of Will You Snail? themed around Christmas, New Year, and Winter.


In the demo, you play as Shelly trying to dodge the AI's traps. The traps in the game include frozen stalagmites and stalactites, where the stalactites only kill the player if the land on it and the AI can cause the stalagmites to fall where the player is predicted to be next, jumpy robot enemies which also use the predictions and try to stop you by jumping and moving around, death snowflakes which kill the player on contact and blend in with the snowflake particles, fireworks which also use predictions and explode after reaching the predicted location, causing the radius around the it to become deadly and cannons which shoot at predicted locations.


File:Will You Snail? Winter Demo - Full Walkthrough (Casual)
Full walkthrough of the demo in Casual difficulty



  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2UuGCV_5WVc - Will You Snail - WINTER TRAILER!