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Bartholomew is an underwater shark/submarine "boss" in E14.


Bartholomew slowly chases Shelly while periodically spewing projectiles.

  • Torpedoes: Bartholomew launches several torpedoes. They slowly speed up as they turn to a random direction.
Baby sharks.
  • Baby Sharks: Bartholomew creates multiple fish launched in the direction Bartholomew is facing. These fish appear in front of Bartholomew going in a single direction very fast.


As Bartholomew cannot be attacked, the only means of beating E14 is by dodging the projectiles. Wait until a gap between its torpedoes appear to maneuver around them. The only way to reasonably dodge the Baby Sharks attack is by leaving the level as quickly as possible before the baby sharks reach Shelly.


  • The name Bartholomew was suggested by JeremyGamer13 on Discord.
  • Squid spawns it while confused and hurt, which is a reason to it's erratic movements and unnatural actions.
    • Squid mentions running out of boss ideas in this level.


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