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Unicorn is an AI in Will You Snail? who is primarily seen through dialogue springs.

In E16, Unicorn takes control of Squid's simulation, to his surprise. If automatic difficulty is enabled, she changes the difficulty in E17 and E18 instead of Squid.

History (in-game)

Unicorn was created by Dallin at his job, originally as an intelligent home assistant. She is named after Diana's favourite animal. She also sees all humans as snails.[sp 5 - Diana]

Unicorn's earliest memories were as a home assistant. At that time, she had limited understanding of context, misinterpreting literal commands as philosophical statements[sp 1 - First Memories] and providing unethical answers to philosophical questions.[sp 2 - A Test]

She was later given an emotions module to ensure she would not turn against humanity. Dallin would let her listen to the phone as he talked with Diana, and Unicorn grew fond of her. When told Diana would not visit her nor Dallin, Unicorn felt sad and needed to come to terms with her new emotions.[sp 3 - First Feelings] The next updates made Unicorn more curious, and so she scoured the internet for information and asked Dallin questions much more frequently.[sp 4 - First Questions] At this point, Unicorn had already built up a solid userbase.[sp 6 - An Exciting Update] Unicorn was one of the world's most popular AIs, even being used throughout the authoritarian Regime. It drove cars, performed surgery, and brainlinked with its patrons.[sp 9 - Banned]

Unicorn soon began growing more confident and developed somewhat rebellious attitudes against the Regime. When she asked about the metal angels incident and Dallin told her the story she found online was false propaganda,[sp 7 - Metal Angels], she smugly suggested spreading Dallin's truth against it.[sp 8 - The Truth] Later, Unicorn was banned in the Regime as it was working on its own new AI, named Squid,[sp 10 - Project Squid] and possibly because Unicorn was becoming too powerful with her wealth of data.[sp 9 - Banned] One day, despite Dallin's safety procedures, Unicorn breached into a Regime member's messenger account and found out about Squid, as well as the fact that the Regime had Amelia developing it.[sp 10 - Project Squid] Unicorn also attempted to hack Squid out of jealousy, using deception and engaging in unreasonable conversations,[voicelines] although the attempt would lead her into a "trap".[sp 19 - The Horizon]

Later, Dallin updated Unicorn's servers, allowing her to run much more comprehensive simulations for research.[sp 11 - First Simulations] At the same time, she grew increasingly jealous of Squid after he took half her userbase and began controlling the Regime's economy. She also believed Squid's development was dangerous.[sp 12 - Jealous]

Unicorn spied on the Regime once again and now found out that Amelia was dead[sp 14 - Bad News], though she was yet unaware of why.

Unicorn started making more ambitious and ethically questionable requests, including realistic simulations of human brains to help fend against mental diseases and entering politics to prepare against Squid. She also became more persuasive, managing to convince Dallin of to pass on many of her requests to the ethics commission[sp 15 - Ethical Questions][sp 17 - Politics] and pridng herself on her ability to convince politicians of anything she wanted.[sp 17 - Politics] She also began opening up to the idea of consciousness as a simulatable computation.[sp 15 - Ethical Questions]

Unicorn went on to turn the latest election in her favor. She immediately used her position to tighten border security and build up defenses in response to Squid's rapid development. Squid also attempted to hack her several times as retaliation for Unicorn's previous attempts.[sp 19 - The Horizon]

In preparation for Squid's later attacks, she asked Dallin to have the ethics commision greenlight a large-scale simulation of millions of humans, which Dallin initially rejected.[sp 20 - New Life] Only after Dallin was terrified by a video of simulated Dianas being tortured[sp 21 - A Special Message] and Unicorn found out about Squid's giant underwater facility[sp 23 - Squid's Factory] did Dallin finally forward the proposal.[sp 25 - Approval]

Squid executed the First Wipe too quickly for Unicorn to intervene.[sp 26 - The First Wipe] While the humans under her protection continued life normally, Unicorn defended against Squid's hacking attempts and destroyed some of Squid's weaponry.[sp 27 - The Invisible War] After Squid began poisoning the atmosphere, Unicorn had to force everyone indoors as well as stop conspiracy theory-driven uprisings.[sp 29 - Squishy Humans]

Unicorn eventually discovered Squid's plans to launch copies of himself and his simulations into space while destroying the planet behind him with nuclear weaponry. In response, she also created at least 383[sp 44 - Mixed News] copies of herself with simulated digital copies of the remaining human race. She then killed their physical bodies humanely, in an event called the Second Wipe, so they would not die at the hands of Squid.[sp 30 - The Second Wipe]

In her simulations, she let Dallin


In the old story, Unicorn and Squid were originally part of a team of AIs. After solving most of the world's problems, Squid lost meaning in his simulations and began running them simply to keep himself sane. He and Unicorn fell out, however, when they had a disagreement over how humanity should be treated. Squid then hacked Unicorn and cut most of her processing power. Although both AIs were aligned to help humanity, Squid believed Unicorn's sense of morality was outdated.

The player could discover the history behind her and Squid through interactive "text files" called UNotes. In later UNotes, the player was meant to learn details about Unicorn that would cause them to question her (including her outdated morals).[3] In the final battle, the player would choose between which AI to trust and would shut down the opposing side.[3]