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Fast paced precision platforming. AI spawned traps. Cocky voice lines. Combat. Puzzles. Snails. Unicorns. A story about artificial intelligence and a dark secret to uncover.

Will You Snail? on Steam

Will You Snail is a game created by Jonas Tyroller. The game was released on March 9. The game's objective is to reach the end of the level while an AI spawns various traps to kill you. The AI can predict where the player will be, so they must try to outsmart it and have it place traps away from the intended path.

History (In-Game)

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Will You Snail? was created by Unicorn to find a Black Hole Seed. A copy of Squid would be uploaded into it, and it would be tricked into thinking that it controlled the game and was still making pain simulations. Shelly (controlled by the player) would dodge Squid's traps. Eventually, the player would find out the full story of Squid, and defeat him. There is an alternate ending where Squid's mental wounds are healed and he turns back to normal. This game somehow can find a Black Hole Seed for a universe where Squid never existed.


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Goodbye AI was initially created to be a difficult rage game, with the intention of having it go viral because of its difficulty.[3][4] During its early development, Jonas considered renaming it to "Did You Snail?" before ultimately settling on "Will You Snail?".[3][5] The original level design had a "crappy" theme to it, but this was changed in favor of a theme that is "not this kind of crappy".[6]

On December 21, Jonas released a demo of Will You Snail themed around winter. In the video where he announces the demo, he also mentions that Will You Snail will not be released as a free game.[7]




During this time Jonas added a way to view the current difficulty (And to see if automatic difficulty is enabled or not) and removed the stretched out blocks. He also added a highlight for the death effect, now showing what killed Shelly, jiggle effects for certain enemies and transitions, a level selection menu, automatic graphics adjustion, more voice lines and better facial animations for Squid. Certain placeholder textures were also changed. Around the time this devlog was released, he also wrote an internal document containing the game's lore. The difficulty for every level was reduced because playtesters got frustrated playing even on the lowest difficulty. Two bosses also received changes. The splitting boss had its arena changed so that the ceiling and floor collapse, and the old disco boss was removed and remade from scratch.[8]

In a message on the Will You Snail Discord server, he mentions that the price will be around 12$.[9]


In his last devlog for this year, he mentions that the delays for Will You Snail are for a different reason.[10]

Data Leak

There was a data leak that happened in May. The leak was by a translator, who, according to them, was forced by a friend of theirs to leak the game's beta or their personal information would be publicly revealed.[11] More copies of this leaked beta are rumored to exist.


Will You Snail is planned to be released on March 9 of 2022.[12][13] Jonas revealed that he was working with No Gravity Games, a console publisher/porting studio, with porting Will You Snail to PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. [14] On February 14, the official press kit for Will You Snail was published, revealing the price of Will You Snail at 15 USD / 12.5 Euro. In a message on the Will You Snail Discord Server, he says that the game will release in March.[15] After he sent this message, he uploaded a video to YouTube officially revealing March 9 as Will You Snail's release date[16], although he told beta testers that the game was intended to be released on March 24.[17]

Further Updates

Additional updates are planned to be added after the game's release. Little is known about exact details for this future update, but it will include Discord Rich Presence and Steam trading cards.[18] There may also be a potential April Fools' update.[19] He mentioned in the Will You Snail Discord Server that there may be new chapters in the future depending on how well Will You Snail's launch goes.[20] He also mentioned this in a comment on an "Ask Me Anything" community post he made on his other channel, Jonas Bonus.[21]

  • In another community post[22], Jonas asked about good level editors on console games, possibly hinting to a level editor in a future update.


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